About Us

Who we are?

Punarbal Plus is a Non-Government Organization (NGO) providing care and education for HIV/AIDS infected and affected children since 2007. It is registered at District Administration Office, Kathmandu and is affiliated with the Social Welfare Council. Punarbal Plus is a member of National NGO’s Network Against AIDS. Punarbal Shikshya Sadan, a day school providing education with special focus on HIV infected and affected children was registered at District Education Office in 2007. Punarbal Plus also established a care home for the disadvantaged children in 2009. It works in close coordination with National Center for AIDS and STD control (NCASC), District AIDS coordination committee (DACC), hospitals (Teku hospital, Teaching hospital) and other organizations working in related fields.

The infected children are referred to us by the Non-Government and Government Organizations in various districts. The children are provided with nutritional care and social support along with healthcare and education. On completing high school education, they are enrolled in vocational skills development programs. The trained youth are then linked with employment opportunities and are successfully reintegrated into the society.

At present Punarbal Plus is providing medical, nutritional, educational, psychosocial care and support for 35 children residing at Punarbal Home, all of whom do not have any living parents. Out of those 35 children, 31 are HIV infected, while 4 are affected (siblings of infected children). 17 are girls and 18 are boys. All infected children are undergoing anti-retroviral treatment. 27 children are attending public school and 6 children are attending high school (11 & 12 grade). 2 youths are participating in the skills training program at Technical School.